Gustavo Alonso Lopez: Punto Lejano

Punto Lejano – Full-length album of traditional flamenco, jazz improvisation, and world percussion. Available online at CD-Baby, Amazon, I-Tunes, and more. Also available locally in Seattle at Silver Platters and Rosewood Guitar.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Gustavo is currently living abroad with the support of a Fulbright performing arts grant for 2017/2018. This study/research fellowship is funding a year of intensive instrument training in Sevilla, Spain, through summer of 2018. He extends his sincere thanks to his family, friends, and all those who have supported his art throughout the years. This opportunity was made possible by their continued backing, guidance, and encouragement. Thank you. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Gustavo is still available while abroad for private instruction/tutoring via Skype for beginning flamenco guitarists. Basic prior knowledge of the guitar is recommended. Please complete Contact Form for scheduling and pricing.

To see more of Gustavo’s work, including prints of Punto Lejano’s cover art, as well as other drawings and photography, click here to visit Society 6.




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